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The Fire Pit Room: Glendale

Type matters when selecting your fire pit. Glendale patio design placement of a wood-burning fire pit is totally different than one that burns gas. A gas fire pit can be inside the main outdoor living space. Why? The smoke from a wood fire isn’t what you want in the middle of everything. Especially if you’re entertaining a large group. For everyone’s comfort, you really need a separated fire pit area for a wood-burning design. That’s not all bad, it gives you more than one outdoor room, so to speak.

One of the great things about today’s outdoor living spaces is creating outdoor rooms without walls that block the view from one place to another in your Scottsdale, Phoenix, or Glendale landscaping. Today’s backyards continue to improve what it means to unwind and enjoy time with friends at home. This particular client now has a roomy patio and a fire pit ‘room’ just a few steps away, as you will see in the image below.

This patio is done with London Cobble pavers in Fossil Beige, which is richly colored without being too dark. The fire pit itself is built from Versi-Lok Tumbled wall stone in the same color, and the seat walls that flank the fire pit room floor are also constructed from Versi-Lok. The seat walls have low voltage lighting built into them too – just what you need for getting the most of evenings around the fire pits without path lamps or carrying lanterns around.

Brown Versi-Lok wall stone wood-burning fire pit and seat walls looks great with the London Cobble pavers we used in this client's Glendale landscaping.
These Glendale landscaping clients' spacious new patio done in London Cobble. Loads of room for a dining set and conversation area without the fire pit in the same space.

These are all Belgard products you can count on to hold up to the elements and remain looking great for decades to come. Add fresh xeriscape plants, stone mulch, some synthetic grass, and you’ve got wonderful outdoor living spaces. Those well-used Adirondack chairs are not the real patio furniture, the nice stuff moved in after the crew packed up and drove away when the work was completed.

You also get more heat from wood-burning fire pits, Glendale.

If you love gathering around a fire on a chilly evening, wood-burning might be a better choice than wood. A gas fire pit gives you instant flames, but also produces less heat. Just one more thing to consider while you’re still in the planning process of your new Glendale patio design.

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