Focal Point Landscape

A landscaping focal point is something that steals the center of attention, and in some Scottsdale and Phoenix landscape design the busyness of the layout makes it hard to know what the focus is. Others have nothing that draws the eye, but in a truly sensational landscape, your attention is grabbed no matter where the eye lands. Here we have just such a front yard.

Some might call this landscaping too bare, but these new plants will grow over the next few years. Instead of crowding each other for space, they will just soften the overall look and add more blooming color on those that flower. That’s one mistake many make – putting too many plants in an area because they are so small in the beginning. As you can see, even at such an immature stage, the right plant in a great placement can make each section not just attractive, but actually stand out on it’s own.

This front yard has many lovely focal points. None of them steal the show from the other though. The finished planting features a wonderful collection of textures, colors, and shapes. It has just enough big rocks to give it good weight everywhere, and likewise height in important spots. All of this and it’s low maintenance too.

When you consider all of it’s attributes, you find that it is not just perfect for the front of this home, but that it is also like a great piece of art. There is something of interest in every part of the canvas, though not one element detracts from the others. Thoughtful plant selection also means that a lot of hard shearing and unnatural shapes won’t be in this Phoenix landscape’s future. It will just grow more beautiful in the years to come.

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