Above Ground Spa

It would be great if spa manufacturers realized that no one wants a giant bathtub look in the middle of their Glendale, AZ landscaping or patio. Unfortunately, there’s no sign of improvements here. Then again, how much better can flat plastic panels look? We do have a solution for this though and can build any type of custom surrounds for hot tubs.

On this particular project, the spa is small and totally above ground. Spa surrounds can’t enclose the entire outside of the tub. Access to the controls and plumbing are necessary. Some clients wish to have every inch of that out of place factory wall covered that is possible. Others just want it hidden from their main line of sight, which is the best option for those who have a smaller budget.

Learn more about our great looking hot tub surrounds in Glendale, AZ and the surrounding areas that we service by scheduling a free consultation. We can design and construct your spa surround to blend with existing materials, as well as being partially submerged. Working with Desert Crest means that if it’s possible, we can make it happen for you.

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