Glendale Waterfall Pond

New swimming pools today commonly incorporate water features into the pool itself, while a pool remodel doesn’t always make that possible. On this recent pool deck replacement project we designed a waterfall pond next to the sun deck. A wonderful spot for total relaxation, which is exactly what the homeowners want to enjoy when they arrive to escape the frigid winter temperatures in Canada.

Just two steps to bliss from the new Versailles pattern travertine pool deck surrounded by a blend of established landscaping and newly installed plants. The stairs and water feature are lit for evening use too when this corner of their backyard becomes even more beautiful. Here’s some photos the client shared via email and gave permission to use here in the portfolio.


Night lighting transforms this Glendale landscaping waterfall pond into something spectacular.

A pool remodel with Glendale landscaping can change your whole backyard like this pool deck waterfall pond did on this project.


Pool remodeling can transform any backyard from drab to fab. The change can be amazing.

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