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Glendale Pool Decks

Pool deck pavers make it easy to breathe new life into your Arizona backyard. Sure, you can get Glendale pool remodeling done with pool deck resurfacing, but is that the wisest use of your hard earned money?

By nature, concrete will never look great forever. Constant exposure to the elements, moisture and pool chemicals are just added to the most commonly discussed detriments to concrete pool decks – ground settling and the always shifting pressure of the water in the pool itself. On top of that, concrete is pretty boring. It’s fine for a driveway, but this is your backyard! Shouldn’t your escape from the harried world be beautiful? Not only can it be great looking, but with Scottsdale and Glendale pool deck pavers, you won’t have to worry about pool deck remodeling again. At least not for the next 50 – 100 years. Can you handle that kind of stretching your dollars?

The pool deck in the image above is gorgeous and that swimming pool looks like it is newly built, but it’s not. The original concrete surrounding the pool was in sad shape when we arrived for this client’s free consultation. It made the entire backyard look dated and poorly maintained.

Pavers make far better Glendale, AZ pool decks.

There is no discoloring from baking in the desert sun for years with paver pool decks. Additionally, the ground settling and the shifting weight of pool water will never crack a paver or weaken your pool deck surface. Pavers are designed to sail through all of that, as well as the constant moisture and chemicals any pool presents to the surface of a deck. No maintenance pool decks for your Northeast or Northwest Valley backyard are easy to find with a call to Desert Crest.

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