Project Description

Grass Paving & Phoenix Lawn

Yes, a bit part can steal the show, like this use of Phoenix lawn. Some would call this ‘grass paving’ and it does have a similar effect, but that is more like filling the openings in concrete tracery with lawn grass. A little to delicate for Southwestern architecture. Still, you can see that getting great lush effect in your landscaping doesn’t require vast lawn expanses.

This creative application is both contemporary and beautiful, forming a neighborly courtyard for this newly remodeled, older home. A simple landscape design, yet it very attractive and relaxing. While this client chose to have Arizona sod installed in the entire front yard, not everyone will want to deal with this much constant water use. That’s the beautiful thing about landscaping in Phoenix, Scottsdale or any other location in the area. Your yard is an extension of you and should reflect your taste while complimenting the structure of your house.

Phoenix lawn grass bred for desert life.

Amazing impact from so little grass. Phoenix and Scottsdale homeowners who yearn for a patch of will delighted to know we only install low-maintenance, Arizona grass. So, this application is well-worth working into your landscape design.

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