Great Desert Landscaping

Flowers are wonderful, but no plant remains in bloom all year. You can still have lots of color in Scottsdale and Phoenix landscaping simply by good selection and placement of them in your landscape design. This project is a great example of just how beautiful desert landscaping can be with little to no flowers to be seen.

It isn’t that there are no plants that bloom in this particular Phoenix landscape design. Still, there is lots of interest and good color flow from the curb to where the front sidewalk enters the courtyard. Up there behind the wall there are flowers along the walk at the time these images were taken. Viewed from the street, the look is very natural, with the planting becoming more garden-like as you get closer to the front door.

The aloe, yucca, grasses and cacti give the homeowner great curb appeal with very little maintenance needed. It’s exactly what everyone wishes for. Granted some like things more tightly planted, others prefer a more lush look to their yard. Different plants for different tastes and spaces is part of what makes your landscaping stand apart from your neighbor’s. Whatever your idea of the perfect landscaping is, we’d love to discuss the possibilities with you and help you get just that look to frame your home and your life.

Here’s a view of this lovely Valley home’s new front yard that shows a peek behind the courtyard wall.


Colorful Phoenix Landscape Design

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