Project Description

Green Sweeps: Glendale Lawns

This home would be striking with traditional desert landscaping. Adding the lush touch of Glendale AZ lawns, however, changes everything. The increased curb appeal for this property with a selectively placed green sweep really sets off the stone courtyard wall. The combination infuses the the front of this house with an air of luxury.

Normally, such a result comes from highly select plant material, but the plants are simple and very architectural. The home is the predominant element in the landscaping. Glendale clients who come from non-arid climates often want grass and less of a desert look to their landscape design. Not surprising, it’s what they’re used to, and we love making this wish come true.

While this small Arizona lawn’s presence will require a bit more water than the rest of the softscaping – the impact it provides is remarkable. Notice how much more pronounced the stone work becomes compared to the commonly used landscape stone. No other planting can achieve such a look. Grass and stone are a fantastic combination.

Create an instant impression of luxury with Glendale lawns.

We use only sod with special desert grass breeding. It’s designed to thrive in the Arizona climate, is well-worth the investment, and deserves of a prominent spot in your landscaping.  With the right grass-type for your yard’s soil and light conditions installed, that luxurious lawn will be very lush and use less water.

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