Project Description

Hacienda Entry Courtyard: Scottsdale

Greet guests with classic beauty. This recently completed courtyard design Scottsdale clients requested is reminiscent of traditional hacienda style that some would call Spanish Revival. It won’t be long until their new courtyard garden plants fill out to echo that romantic rose-framed gate. The look will be lush, but completely created with drought-tolerant greenery softening the walls and walk. It’s the perfect setting to welcome guests to your desert home.

The Belgard paver sidewalk outside the walls transitions to lovely, light travertine pavers at the wrought iron gate. We also used the same stone to cap the gate pillars and courtyard fountain basin. Large Lady Banks Roses now in training on each side of the iron arch will quickly grow to swath it in greenery and buttery blooms.

You can’t see much of the garden inside the walls in that image above. Here’s what the courtyard garden looks like as you enter:

This xeriscape garden will grow into surprisingly lush beauty soon. A lovely Scottsdale courtyard design by Desert Crest LLC.

Low-growing xeriscaping plants add more colorful flowers to this timeless Scottsdale courtyard design through the seasons. A sprinkling of cacti add height and textural accent to each side of the walk.

Dreaming of a lush, colorful courtyard design, Scottsdale?

As you can see, even tough, drought-tolerant plants can create a beautiful garden without heavy moisture needs. We’d love to help you bring it to life. Give us a call and tell us all about that courtyard you envision.

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