Project Description

Home Putting Green: Peoria

An outdoor play area is so important when you’ve got young children, but they outgrow the swing set years fast. Suddenly, you’ve got more room in the yard for something else… like a home putting green! Peoria clients of ours knew exactly what to do with the corner the playscape vacated. In this particular yard, the space behind the patio is perfect thanks to the shade from mature trees. Now, there’s the spot to practice your stroke and stance.

This 3-hole home putting green gives the golfer in residence three ways to hone his skills before heading out to the club. Through our experience in constructing, repairing, and rebuilding putting greens over the years, we’ve come to prefer a heavy-duty, 60-ounce synthetic turf with two colors of blade yarn. Not only does it hold up well, you’ll love the ball speed due to it’s longer pile, and it’s natural good looks too. It’s not the most expensive product on the market, nor is it the budget option. Our green material is priced reasonably, and made to last under both the extremes of our Arizona climate and the friction of golf clubs. It’s also lead-free, and UV-resistant to prevent fading.

Because the putting green abuts stone mulch along much of the perimeter, there’s a rough bordering it. Here we use an 80-ounce premium synthetic grass with low brown thatch. As you may suspect, it too is built tough while looking quite natural, and that thicker low pile works great at keeping stones from wandering onto your green.

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