Project Description

Lovely Outdoor Fireplace: Scottsdale

A recent backyard remodeling project, this Scottsdale landscaping has much to offer the new homeowners today. Their outdoor living assets begin with this great looking outdoor fireplace. Scottsdale patios are often graced with this timeless style that is quintessentially part of southwestern design. Painting the stucco a medium earth-tone hue turns the light patio stone hearth and firebox cap into a crisp and clean finishing touch. The coloring is nicely accented by the wide decorative wrought iron piece on the chimney. All in all, it’s a delightful spot to relax in, even before the fire is lit.

A wide swath of rich green synthetic lawn separates the patio from the house. To the left of this outdoor living space sits an incredible water feature designed with multiple waterfalls and streams. While Desert Crest didn’t build this water feature, we can certainly make one very similar for anyone who is interested. A lit walkway in the same pavers leads from the house to the patio across the new no maintenance lawn. It’s a peaceful place filled with drought tolerant plants, birdsong, and the cooling sound of moving water.

You’ll find a better look at everything this outdoor living space has to offer in the first video on our Home Page.

Got dreams of what you need to enjoy your backyard? We’d be delighted it to life.

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