Lush Landscaping

Lush, green landscaping need not be high maintenance here in the Valley. Custom designed Glendale, Scottsdale or Phoenix landscaping can create an amazing amount of cooling green impact in both big expanses and small spaces.

This particular homeowner has a love of large expanses of green grass and beautiful plants from trees to flowering or textural interest landscape design elements. The mild climate around Phoenix and Scottsdale allows residents like this one the enjoyment of many beautiful plants with the inclusion of the proper irrigation system. Unlike many assume, not all of these plants require huge amounts of water to thrive.

Deciding what you will include in your Arizona landscape design depends on many things, but not all are high maintenance that deliver awesome beauty and curb appeal impact. Desert Crest works with each homeowner individually to create an Arizona landscape design that meets the needs of both the people and the property with a keen eye on the budget to install and maintain the final project.

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