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Lush Phoenix Lawns

Not all Phoenix lawns are high maintenance. With the right desert grass selection to fit the conditions in your Phoenix or Scottsdale landscaping, you’ll find that lush and green year around areas of manicured lawn grass can be low maintenance. Some grass blends available today have low moisture requirements, making enjoying the beauty of soft, grassy expanses quite affordable to maintain.

It’s best to put Arizona grass in areas of the yard where you will benefit most from its presence. This client wanted lawn space in the backyard. Not only does it have wonderful visual effect, but gives young children play space. There is nothing quite like a Phoenix lawn area for softening and increasing the beauty of natural stone and pavers used in patio designs. Additionally, the presence of well cared for grass near outdoor living spaces provides a cooling effect.

Lawn space is unique to traditional desert landscaping where stone is used as ground cover. However, stone magnifies both heat and cold, and sod reduces heat naturally. Adding lush lawn to the perimeter of Pheonix or Scottsdale landscaping instantly adds softness and beauty to patio designs like this one. Its quite a backdrop to the area behind the fire pit’s seat wall and the raised bed retaining walls beyond.

But aren’t Phoenix lawns water hogs?

The grasses we install are very low-maintenance, requiring about the same amount of irrigation as the xeriscape plants used in your yard. It is specially bred, rugged Arizona grass and performs well in our climate without a ton of water.

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