Project Description

Lush Paradise Valley Landscaping

Not a cactus fan? As you can see, lush Paradise Valley landscaping thrives when it’s designed properly. Better still, an amazing amount of exotic green need not be high-maintenance. This client’s installation was several years old when we shot that image above. Oodles of lush flowering and foliage plants performing robustly. An oasis surrounds them.

This particular homeowner loves big sweeps of green lawn and beautiful plants. During the planning process we considered all trees and plants that bloom or add textural interest to the landscape. The goal was creating a gorgeous yard full of color and interest year round. Mission accomplished.

The mild climate around Phoenix and Scottsdale allows residents like this one the enjoyment of many beautiful plants. Of course, a yard like this Paradise Valley landscaping client has does require the right irrigation system. And unlike many assume, not all of these plants require huge amounts of water to thrive.

Don’t live in Paradise Valley? Landscaping oasis-style available valley-wide.

Turn your backyard or entire property into a lush, flowering paradise. We can help you do it and still have low-maintenance landscaping. Imagine coming home to such refreshing surroundings every day.

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