Meandering Stone Steps

We could have put this front sidewalk together using the expectable paver in a straight line from curb to porch, but that would never give you all this interest. Instead this client chose to use a meandering path in complimenting colors of natural stone tile. The result is gorgeous.

With a home that sits a good way back from the street, the standard straight sidewalk would look like a highway, even though on this property we have this incline that calls for steps. They don’t do anything to soften a straight line, and in a yard with as many beautiful xeriscaping plants as this home has, you certainly don’t want to rush through it. It called for something beyond common Phoenix pavers, so we took the road less traveled.

A nice wide walk that allows two people to comfortably walk side by side up this hill that takes 9 steps to reach the top where they are greeted by a gray stone tiled sidewalk leading to the front door. The reason that changing stone colors along the way doesn’t look out of place is there is a pattern to how this was done. It’s balanced, though this is not easy to see at a glance. The levels start with gray and end with gray. The rusty rose color on the other steps is in the gray stone, but it’s muted and occasional. Using colored concrete for most of the steps saves it from getting too busy to be pleasing to the eye. Not to mention keeping the cost of the project considerably lower than a walk this wide and long done in all natural stone.

The small planting bed in the middle of the first section at road level creates a central focal point while softening the expanse of hardscaping. Here’s a photo of the planting at the height of its blooming glory below.

Phoenix Xeriscaping: Gorgeous Front Garden with Natural Stone Sidewalk

A gorgeous example of just how beautiful Phoenix xeriscaping can be. The planting was already done when Desert Crest was called to upgrade the sidewalk, but we can certainly create a similar garden look designed to suit your home. As you can see, you do have options for a sensational sidewalk that has nothing to do with pavers, and endless repetition. We’d love to help you make your yard more artistic, and unique.

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