Project Description

Native Pool Landscaping: Cave Creek

An incredible view beyond the borders of this backyard landscaping. Cave Creek clients had us remove part of the original fence wall and set a new wall farther back to make way for new patio space. The plants selected for the new pool landscaping blends right in with the untamed desert.

The result is both beautiful and easy to maintain. Not only does it make their backyard flow with the scenery, competing with such wild beauty is a difficult thing to do. Minimal use of stunning desert plants does the trick at combining modern design with the natural landscape.

Does the desert argue with your pool landscaping, Cave Creek?

It’s pretty common to have open desert expand in every direction behind the backyard. A beautiful scene, one that can overpower or conflict with the wrong landscape design. Going native is great choice. Then your landscaping, Cave Creek, won’t have to compete for attention. It’s an argument the desert always wins.

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