No-Maintenance Pergola

This recently finished project in Glendale has a little bit of everything good. It’s a small backyard that had almost no shade before the new landscaping went in. The client has a lush, green look and instant extended shade from a handsome custom sized pergola.

That might look like a wood pergola, but it’s actually made of maintenance-free aluminum with a factory finish that will look great for years to come. All the homeowner will have to do to keep it looking like new is rinse of the dust from time to time. It will never fade, peel, crack, or rot. We’ve added some shade trees in the new landscape plantings that will give them even more shade in a few year’s time.

In keeping with the less work, more enjoyment backyard theme, space not taken up by the plant beds and patio have synthetic grass. It looks lush but never needs watering, yet it looks quite real thanks to our preferred yarn blend. The mix of brown and green yarns give you synthetic lawn easily confused with a turf lawn at a glance.

The new patio flows smoothly off the covered porch, increasing their outdoor living space by over 200%. Both are now paved with Toscana pavers from Belgard. The same pavers create the bed edges, cleanly separating the lawn from planting areas for a crisp finish.

What would you like to do with your super small backyard? Let’s discuss the possibilities! Schedule a consultation appointment today.

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