Noce Travertine Fire Pit

Tucked into the corner of this homeowner’s new patio is a feature they’ll enjoy for years to come. The outdoor fire pit is color-matched stucco walls with a travertine cap, as is the wraparound bench seat behind it.

The rich-colored natural stone paver patio in this project is is done in Noce Travertine, which has walnut brown, gold, cream, and variations of them running through it at random. Though it’s darker than most other travertine selections, it still reflects the sun’s heat very well.

This outdoor fire pit is gas-burning. We can build them with a refillable tank, or hook them direct to your home’s gas service. With a new patio installation, most homeowners choose the convenience of running a gas line to the fire pit. When adding a fire pit to an existing patio, it is more cost-effective to go with the refillable tank model.

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