Noche Travertine Pavers

Every color that travertine comes in is beautiful, but they don’t all look good abutting with your house walls. To create good color balance, we used Noche Travertine pavers here for the patio area under the porch roof. It is sealed to protect the porous surface and give the surface a smooth finish.

This is the darkest color of travertine available, and is much deeper in tone than Walnut. Using it on an Anthem patio that is in direct sunlight all day isn’t a wise idea due to the amount of heat it can absorb. But here in this shaded part of the outdoor living area it will be fine, and it looks great with the stucco on this client’s house too.

The dramatic contrast between the blend of travertine colors we used on the pool deck visually separates the two areas instantly. The mix is predominantly the lightest shades of travertine pavers, making it much more comfortable to bare feet. No matter what type of pavers you chose for around the pool, going with a light tone that reflects heat is a must beneath the Arizona sun. Design-wise the change from Noche to the blend really plays up the curves on the pool outline resulting in a really smart look.

Like all pavers, you can do some lovely artistic accents in your outdoor flooring. Add an inset border, separate spaces, and incorporate an inlay pattern to make your patio or pool deck really unique.

This project also includes a large built-in grill with bar, and a wood-burning pizza oven.

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