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Paradise Valley Lawns

Homeowners love the fact that Paradise Valley lawns add a cooling calm in any part of the yard. Grassy areas actually do provide a cooling element in the face of summer desert heat. The perfect landscaping element for areas you spend a lot of time in, like the patio. However, not just any old type of sod will do. You want a select variety that will use the least amount of water, require the lowest amount of maintenance and still give you that sensational manicured lawn look.

While this particular client has surrounded their entire home with broad sweeps of lush green lawn, many homeowners prefer to put grass lawn in far smaller areas of the yard. Some of them with newer homes have far less yard space to begin with. But getting the most enjoyment out of a Paradise Valley lawn has little to do with it being huge or small. It’s all about it’s wonderful green presence. Keeping your grass green throughout the year is something we specialize in here at Desert Crest.

Paradise Valley lawns have changed a lot!

We only use the best Arizona grass. It makes keeping your lawn in Paradise Valley green year around easier. We find that desert sod like Tif Grand Bermuda is perfect, requiring minimal effort to look great. The right sod will keep the cost of maintenance low.

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