Patio Water Features

Some people want their outdoor fountains to stand out, and others prefer them to blend in with the surroundings. It’s all a matter of personal taste. This particular Scottsdale client wanted their patio water feature’s personality to go with the flow, rising naturally out of the new patio. We could have made the entire fountain out of the same Noche Travertine as the pavers, but where’s the interest in that? Instead variety in texture is achieved using three materials with similar coloring. The result is quietly elegant with natural overtones.

The basin rises from the patio surface wrapped in the same travertine, giving it great flow at the edge of the outdoor living space. The spill wall is faced with dark stone veneer that goes beautifully with the Noche with a splash of darker tones to set it apart without getting overly bold. Using copper scuppers in the spill channels makes them recede while the water falling becomes the focal point.

A smoother surface is much more desirable as a basin lining than natural stone with all it’s natural pits and crevices. To keep the coloring fluid while achieving excellent cleanability, the basin is lined with dark glass tile in a mix the picks up many tones in the stone surfaces. This not only discourages algae growth, but reflects the water and manages to look wet where it’s totally dry. Great effects not possible with any other tile! For the finishing touch, the basin and spill walls are capped with Noche Travertine coping.

From Phoenix to Scottsdale, patio water features are in big demand both as part of a swimming pool and as stand alone outdoor fountains. Get the perfect personality in just the right colors for your outdoor living space with a custom Desert Crest design.

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