Paver & Stucco Fire Pit

Around Phoenix, patio fire pits are hot features for all sizes of outdoor living spaces. We get more and more requests for them to be designed a step or two about the flooring, which isn’t surprising, because it adds both depth and interest to level ground with a minimum of fuss.

Putting the outdoor fire pit on a different level than the patio itself is becoming very popular. It instantly separates the space from the rest of the outdoor living area, and adds dimension to your patio design at the same time. Having the built-in stucco bench is a plus on a small fire pit platform like this one. It takes up less floor space than outdoor furniture, and also serves as a safer seating than chairs that can be scooted too far back and fall off the flooring. It’s also a lot more durable than even the best brands of outdoor furnishings made today.

One thing to keep in mind while deciding what kind of fire pit to add to your patio is that you need a lot more space with a wood-burning model than a gas-burning fire pit. Why? Getting out of the smoke as it shifts on the breeze. A small raised fire pit space would never be a comfortable setting for a wood-burning fire pit! You need to be able to move the seats around to enjoy them as a patio feature. It’s not just getting firewood or storing it that has so many homeowners in the Phoenix area opting for gas fire pits.

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