Project Description

Paver & Stucco Fire Pits: Phoenix

Not many new patios designed today lack fire pits. Phoenix finds them a hot feature for any size outdoor living space. Interest in raised fire pits is growing. Not surprising, because having your fire pit a step or two above patio level adds more depth and interest than the traditional flat expanse. A multi-level patio can also define separate “rooms” without walls.

A small platform is perfect for backyards where space is at a premium. The built-in bench wall takes up less space than fireside chairs do, making every available square foot work harder for you. The wall bench creates safer seating on the platform where chairs can move too close to the edge. It’s also a lot more durable than even the best brands of outdoor furnishings made today. It’s easy to soften fireside seating with outdoor cushions.

For this client, we created a paver and stucco design that pulls the house and the patio together. No matter what color your home is, matching the stucco paint color does wonders and unifying the entire backyard’s outdoor decor.

Not sure if you want a wood-burning or gas fire pit, Phoenix?

It’s not just getting firewood or storing it that has so many Phoenix area homeowners opting for gas fire pits. You need a lot more space with a wood-burning fire pit. Why? Getting out of the smoke as it shifts on the breeze and intensifying heat as coals increase. A small raised fire pit space would never be a comfortable setting for a wood-burning fire pit! You need to be able to move the seats around to enjoy them as a patio feature.

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