Pavers Are Versatile

There are two types of pavers used in landscaping in Scottsdale, Phoenix and the surrounding area. The first is designed as a basic paving block, though from time to time they are used as coping and accents. The same color blends are also available as three dimensional pavers. In Scottsdale landscaping these come in very handy for building retaining walls, firepits, steps and raised planters that perfectly match the patio or courtyard paving.

Here the customer’s yard has a slope that needs to be dealt with. We could have just rolled the lawn up the slope to meet the planting bed edges that flank the privacy wall, but this can cause problems. Rock in the beds will always find its way into the grass, making mowing hazardous, and also be very hard on keeping mower blades nice and sharp for a great looking cut. So, a low lying paver block retaining wall was installed. Not only does this make more sense in keeping maintenance to an easier process, it looks great and gives the backyard extra dimensions.

If your grade changes require more than 30 inch tall retaining walls, Scottsdale masonry walls will be needed instead. Paver block walls of this style are not designed for greater back pressure than this height and will collapse. However, it is possible to use them in a series of stepped up walls to make up the distance. Every project is different and requires sound engineering to look great and deliver many years of function. To learn the best approach to similar applications of pavers in your yard, schedule a free consultation and we can discuss your options.

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