Phoenix Lawns Poolside

While a sweep of lush green looks great anywhere in a Phoenix yard, incorporating grass into your pool landscaping has other benefits. While Arizona grass uses far less water to stay green and healthy than other varieties of turf, the moisture you apply to them is not wasted when you consider that a patch of lawn actually cools the air around it. This makes it an excellent part of the landscape about the pool and patio where you spend a lot of time while at home.

Secondly, there is really nothing like walking on cool grass in your bare feet. Soft and cool, grass feels wonderful between your toes on a hot day.

Then there is it’s gorgeous color; a feast for the eyes here in our arid climate. You don’t need huge expanses of grass to enjoy it’s beauty. In this small backyard in Phoenix, lawn space is perhaps one quarter of the area, which isn’t very large. Still, it takes this simple landscape design to a level of appeal that wouldn’t be possible without that patch of grass.

A Scottsdale or Phoenix lawn’s attractions definitely make adding it to your outdoor living space design well-worth the time invested in mowing regularly. Ask us about putting a bit of desert tough Arizona grass in your new landscape design.

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