Phoenix Patio Renovation

Going from drab to fab and really useful outdoor living spaces is an exciting prospect for anyone who owns a home. Around Scottsdale and Phoenix, patio space and functionality takes on even greater importance with so many sun filled days a year and mild cold season temperatures. This is especially true for those from the northern U.S. and Canada who have winter homes in the Valley.

Cool Decking? Time for an updated patio look.Anyone who has a home with a patio something like this image on the right, will look forward to redoing their backyard landscaping with even more anticipation. The difference between what once was and what is on this recent Phoenix patio renovation is definitely dramatic. They started with utilitarian slabs of cool decking. Better than trying to enjoy the outdoors walking over and sitting in a sea of landscape stone, but severely lacking in ambiance, amenities and outdated in today’s backyard.

Now you would swear this is a totally different place. The patio is created with natural travertine stone pavers that pack a ton of beauty and timeless style in a long lasting surface. We used Autumn Blend stone facing on the built in grill cabinet and outdoor fireplace – a gorgeous natural stone that provides excellent contrast while complimenting the travertine coloring very well.

It takes a huge amount of imagination to be able to see the new Phoenix outdoor living space’s look in the same spot being occupied by the scene in the before shot. A simply amazing transformation.

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