Phoenix Pavers Welcome


Creating a lovely outdoor living space and courtyard design’s welcoming appeal is found with stone masonry walls and Phoenix pavers at this Arizona home.

Here an easy blend between the Phoenix pavers steps and curb alightment with the low stone masonry walls that frame the courtyard  presents a beautiful transition from street level to the front door. This shady area can also provide the homeowners with welcome relief from summers heat as we experience in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area.

Adding further interest in this Arizona landscaping design are the prominently placed stone pillars that give the courtyard walls depth and accent. The inclusion of stone orbs atop the paver steps flanking pillars creates a unique note and contemporary style the attractive features of the public entrance.

A beautiful and elegant, if somewhat relaxed aura is found in the skillfully created front yard Arizona landscaping design. High quality stone work and Phoenix pavers are accented and illuminated after sundown with well placed low voltage lighting.

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