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Scottsdale Retaining Walls

Dramatic differences in terrain elevation can be an issue on some properties when it comes to Valley landscaping. This homeowner had a small raised patio when we arrived to discuss the possibilities of expanding the family’s outdoor living space. The extensive drop in ground levels called for some serious engineering for the retaining walls to securely hold the base beneath the new patio’s footprint. Rather than leaving them with a tall, blank expanse of stucco, this Scottsdale landscape design was created with a terraced effect to the retaining walls.

These Scottsdale retaining walls are built with CNU block and faced with stucco to match the house. The drought tolerant plants in the lower tier planting bed are small in the photo, but will soon mature and soften the presence of all this white masonry. Steps up to the raised patio are illuminated at night with low voltage down lighting at important points on the descent. The steps themselves were designed using colorful Mexican tiles on the risers in alternating bands and capped with baked Mexican clay bullnose tiles. Access to the second level patio is easily spotted and the bright tiles are a welcome spot of color in the long walls.

Black wrought iron railings create the patio design’s safety enclosure in perfect keeping with the architectural style. The patio itself is paved with Mexican tiles that match the red bullnose on the steps for a beautiful accent and contrast to this home’s white adobe exterior walls.

Any height Phoenix – Scottsdale retaining walls.

Whatever you want to do with your landscaping, Desert Crest will find the solution. Often it involves dealing with grade changes, which of course require retaining walls. Scottsdale and Phoenix landscapers who are also skilled masons makes getting your project completed faster and with less hassle. We also do the necessary gas, water, and electrical hookups. Working with Desert Crest puts every phase of your project in the capable hands of a single, licensed General Contractor.

The higher the wall, the more complex it's construction needs to be. We do high quality low and engineered retaining walls. Scottsdale - Phoenix full service landscaping company.
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