Swimming Pool Waterfalls

Swimming pool fountains are fine for some homeowners, but we find that getting back to a more natural look in Scottsdale pool landscaping is becoming more and more important. This handsome waterfalls adds so much aesthetic value to the client’s backyard not found with the traditional pool fountain. For more formal backyards, stationary pool fountains spilling from a pillar or vessel on the top of one is great, but here the homeowner was looking for a more relaxed feeling.

The small waterfalls babbling before spilling into the pool in this Scottsdale landscape design imbues this area of the yard with sounds that no traditional swimming pool fountain can create. They just spill or spray upwards, where pool landscaping waterfalls such as this one is far more soothing and musical as the water travels from one step to the next. Comparing the three methods of creating water movement in their pool, most homeowners prefer Scottsdale or Phoenix pool waterfalls over the alternatives, sight unseen, the majority of the time.

We have to say that the pool fountain waterfalls is exceptionally inviting when it comes to hanging out in one’s backyard where the rules are more casual than most areas of a home. We can do formal when it is requested and do it very well, but this more down to earth approach is appealing to a much wider group of people, After all this is backyard living and not the front parlor and the place that all of us prefer a relaxing environment.

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