Project Description

Travertine Pool Remodel: Glendale

Pool decks in the past never repaired well, and an outdated pool deck can make a great pool look really bad. The economical solution is definitely a pool remodel. Glendale homeowners, Barb and Robin had us come in and give them pool a face lift with a new travertine pool deck.

Not only will this new surface have timeless appeal, it won’t crack and need repair like Kool Deck. Concrete is great stuff, but on such a large expanse will have stress cracks no matter what climate you’re in. The ground shifts, it’s natural. And nothing made of concrete – even the uber popular paver – can hold a candle to the beauty of natural stone. Man-made will never actually mimic Mother Nature. It’s not impossible in small artisan pieces, but on a vast scale using mass manufactured materials? It’s one of those things that you can guarantee isn’t likely to happen.

The light colors of travertine are also cool underfoot, because they reflect the heat of the sun. In the climate of Glendale, and the rest of the Valley, natural travertine stone pavers and tile will look fantastic, and wear well for decades to come with proper installation. While you do have other options, there are reasons that more and more homeowners decide that a travertine pool deck is perfect for their taste and needs.

This project also features a lovely waterfall pond next to a raised sun deck.

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