Precast Outdoor Fountains

Outdoor fountains have long been used in courtyard designs of any mild climate region for their cooling presence and relaxing sound. In the high temperatures of summer in this part of Arizona, even a modest courtyard fountain can completely alter these secluded Phoenix outdoor living rooms.

While some of our clients have us install custom designed outdoor water fountains, there are those whose budget or courtyard space are better suited to precast outdoor fountains. Phoenix has a variety of styles and shapes in fountains available that run from antique or old world to very contemporary designs.

This particular Phoenix courtyard design’s precast fountain was installed on light colored flagstone paving. It’s dark color is an excellent note of contrast, especially with the exterior walls of the home also being very light. It is a timeless design, that can be used in any theme from the past to uber contemporary. The central location makes the fountain a focal point in the overall design of the space. The splash orb shown in the image above changes to sound of the falling water.

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