Raised Courtyard Design

The mature trees on the front of this home make it perfect for a roomy courtyard that offers relief from the heat of the Arizona sun. Rather than step down to the courtyard floor, easier access entering and exiting the front door is accomplished using a raised Scottsdale courtyard design. The alternative would be losing precious ground space between the house and the curb with just retaining walls and xeriscaping plants to fill the space. At Desert Crest, we are much more creative than this when the opportunity arises. There is plenty of room for great plants closer to the curb.

As y0u can see, there is quite a grade change from the street to the front walls of this house. We installed stone masonry walls and flanked the steps crafted from Scottsdale pavers with pillars to frame the entry to the courtyard elegantly. The stone orbs atop the pillars give it an artistic touch and newly installed planters on the top step are ready for seasonal color to keep the approach looking great. For safety after sundown, low voltage mini lights are installed on each step riser.

The natural stone masonry walls create the perfect accent to the home, as is expected with top notch Phoenix and Scottsdale landscaping. Desert Crest offers you competent stone masons, as well as creative landscape design that is full featured, high quality and the best solution for your individual situation. Working with our company, courtyard design will exceed your expectations.

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