Project Description

Raised Fire Pit: Anthem

This recently completed patio project included this smart looking raised fire pit. Anthem yards aren’t always completely flat, and the clients chose a spot off the main patio. This part of the backyard slopes up with the natural terrain. The raised fire pit is perfect, it makes more usable space without extensive grade changes and retaining walls. Additionally, it creates a separate gathering spot away from the main outdoor living space on this new travertine patio.

Three short steps above the main patio level, this Anthem fire pit has lots of built in seating. The steps are travertine to match the patio paving, and lit for everyone’s safety after the sun sets. The stucco fire pit and bench seats will last for many years thanks to our quality materials and construction methods.

You wouldn’t want this design with built-in seating around wood-burning fire pits. Anthem breezes shift often,  enjoying sitting around the fire means being able to move your seat to escape the smoke. This isn’t a problem with gas-burning firepits, as they don’t create smoke, or flying cinders and ashes. Gas fire pits also don’t generate as much heat one that burns wood, making it comfortable to sit closer to the flames.

Love the look of this raised fire pit, Anthem?

Maybe you’d prefer your new fire pit a different shape, like square or rectangular. The great thing about custom Anthem fire pits is there is a style perfect for everyone’s needs. We can create built-in seating around any shape fire pit. That’s the beauty of custom!

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