Project Description

Rustic Casual Courtyard: Scottsdale

A low-walled front courtyard design like this one easily gives you that neighborly front porch space. Here we used Mexican clay brick, which give you loads of color and interest, and echoes the well-storied past of the old Southwest. Less common than today’s brick pavers, they’re a great option to consider if you’ve got a tight Scottsdale landscaping budget.

The courtyard walls take advantage of the age-old charm of a rough plaster finish, but we’ve applied with stucco facing over the concrete block foundation. Capped with the same handmade brick and painted a rich, earthy brown the walls pull the ruddy tones out of the paving.

Clay pavers hold up well in our climate, and the less formal rough stucco finish looks great with this home’s architecture. Once the plants around the perimeter of this Scottsdale courtyard design grow larger the seating space will have more charm.

Rustic traditions still at home in Scottsdale landscaping.

Sometimes simplicity is just what you need. Add a great wrought iron gate, some annual color, and a couple of comfortable chairs, and you’ve got the perfect spot to relax and visit with neighbors who stroll by.

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