Rustic Casual Courtyard

A low walled courtyard at the front door works well for many homes here in the Valley, and great Scottsdale landscaping doesn’t always call for lavish outdoor spaces. In this particular project we’ve used two less common treatments that results in a relaxed casual courtyard with a rustic, yet modern look.

The courtyard walls take advantage of the age-old charm of a rough plaster finish, but we’ve applied it to the stucco facing over the concrete block foundation. Once cured, it’s painted a rich, earthy brown that pulls the ruddy tones out of the paving.

This homeowner chose to go with Mexican Clay Pavers instead of the commonly used concrete types. This paving material gives you loads of color and interest, and echoes the well-storied past of the old Southwest. The wall was also capped with the clay pavers, which pulls together the courtyard flooring and the semi-privacy wall into a cohesive whole.

Sometimes simplicity is just what you need. Add a great wrought iron gate, and a couple of comfortable chairs, and you’ve got the perfect spot to relax in the shade when the sun has moved to the right spot in the sky. Clay pavers hold up well in this climate, and the less formal rough stucco finish looks great with this home’s architecture. Once the plants around the perimeter of this outdoor living space have grown larger the hardscaping will be softened quiet a bit. A lovely spot for quiet conversation and a cool, refreshing drink that looks great from the curb too.

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