Rustic Outdoor Fire Pit

There’s nothing quite like an evening spent with friends or family around dancing flames. An outdoor fire pit is a popular patio element for that very reason. They come in all shapes and sizes from small portable chimineas and instant fire pit tables to custom-built permanent installations. The latter is best; you get a lot more flames to enjoy! Not to mention being able to share it with more people simultaneously.

This particular client had this rustic outdoor fire pit added to a corner of their patio. It matches the outdoor kitchen BBQ counter and bar we installed across the way. Niormally, the fire pit is topped with stone that matches or accents the patio pavers. Not this time. We used rustic concrete to form the coping on the fire pit too. It looks great against the tumbled travertine patio surface.

So, tell us what style is your dream outdoor fire pit, Scottsdale? Schedule a consultation appointment today and we’ll get started on adding dancing flames to your outdoor living space real soon.

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