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Rustic Outdoor Kitchen: Cave Creek

Outdoor living is far cooler when you can totally escape the sun. Beneath the solid roof of this timber ramada sits the fully equipped outdoor kitchen Cave Creek clients of ours had in mind. In other areas of the country, this structure might be called a a garden or timber pavilion.

First, consider how reduced solar heat is when there’s a thick barrier between you and the sun overhead. A solid wood roof is far better than a slatted roof found on trellis ramadas and pergolas, but you can do better than that. A clay tile roof acts much like a heavy layer of stone, stopping some heat transfer into the space below.  And naturally, it casts solid shade, which offers even more comfort for an outdoor living space.

The espresso colored barrel tiles on the roof of this rustic timber ramada match the ones on the home. The structure itself is built from Douglas fir stained a dark brown. The support posts rise from tall block pedestals faced with the same natural stone used on the outdoor kitchen cabinet. There’s plenty of space for both an outdoor dining set and patio furniture that will allow them to make the most of this beautiful new open air room. It’s fully lighted, equipped with electricity, and has a central outdoor ceiling fan too.

The cook has everything needed to whip up a feast in handy reach. The grill and cook top are grouped together with work space between them and easy to access utensil storage below. The long counter top has ample meal prep and serving space, along with a kitchen sink. There’s also an under-counter refrigerator for keeping ingredients and drinks chilled.

From small and equipped with the essentials to large and equipped for cooking and brewing anything, count on Desert Crest to design your perfect outdoor kitchen: Cave Creek to Phoenix and other Valley locales.

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