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Scottsdale Outdoor Fireplace with Waterfalls

Is it really necessary to have tons of available space to enjoy a great backyard? This project we recently completed proves that you can have great outdoor living spaces even in the tiniest backyard.

Special situations come in all sizes and depths of complexity. We’re always up to a challenge at Desert Crest. It keeps our problem solving skills honed and the ideas flowing. This Scottsdale client is a condo owner. The amount of room between the existing porch and their private property line made moving in machines and materials while leaving space to do the work was certainly challenging. What you see here is the results possible with sound planning of execution.

If you think you haven’t got room, think again. This new Scottsdale outdoor fireplace has waterfalls – one on each side of the hearth. A feature we worked in to help the homeowner overcome the traffic noises not far away. There is also a built-in BBQ island that includes a refrigerator and an attached bar. Tucked in around the edges of the already existing over sized porch was enough area to fit in everything they wanted.

Small and cozy, but it works nicely with the porch floor extended to flow to the new amenities and the entire space tiled in travertine pavers. The waterfalls flanking the outdoor fireplace’s hearth have capture basins at the bottom for recirculation. These can be lit for nighttime ambiance and in a variety of light colors. The stucco fireplace is really set off with the waterfalls cascading down natural stone in the popular Autumn Blend mix. The adjacent built-in grill island’s cabinet is faced in the same stone, pulling the look of this fresh new outdoor room together beautifully.

No matter how challenging your personal Scottsdale landscaping situation may be, chances are that you’ll find we have a wonderful solution at Desert Crest. Check out their matching built-in grill.

Water cascades over rich, dark stone on foth sides of this Scottsdale outdoor fireplace. The combo unit packs more assets into this small condo outdoor living space.
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