Project Description

Scottsdale Spa Surround & Fire Pit Combo

While this particular client’s outdoor spa is part of their swimming pool remodeling, you don’t need a pool to enjoy a backyard living feature like this one. It doesn’t matter if your Scottsdale spa surround has a spillway and recirculates as part of the pool’s filtering system, or is a stand alone unit, adding a wrap around fire pit to the design is possible.

This recently finished project is set on a travertine patio/pool deck which in itself is lovely, but the color of the natural stone pavers works perfectly with the stone facing on the spa surround – fire pit structure. On the opposite side the spillway tile echos the sky reflecting on the water’s surface. Incidentally, this spa is actually part of a total pool remodeling job.

In addition to being very contemporary and stylish, consolidating your Scottsdale fire pit with the spa surround is an excellent way to conserve valuable patio space. A function that is very important in today’s smaller backyards. This design gives you two great outdoor living attractions with one footprint. It’s compact and won’t force you to choose one feature over the other due to space limitations. Getting all the elements one wants on their Phoenix or Scottsdale patio can in the end give you a crowded space no matter how carefully you plan it.

Here we’ve left lots of open space for outdoor furniture and passage. It’s clean and sleek. Just the kind of spacious environment you need for relaxation and entertaining.

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