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Secluded Courtyard Design: Anthem

Making the most of the available space in a small yard can be a challenge. However, secluded courtyards provide outdoor living space, like this gorgeous courtyard design Anthem clients had us build. It’s a great blend of traditional and contemporary styling in stucco and natural stone walls that match and accent the front of this home beautifully.

The house sits very close to the curb with the driveway not far from the front door. Getting from the street or drive to the door didn’t call for lots of sidewalk, but the short, L-shaped paver walk adds interest to the xeriscaping. However, the angled courtyard entry wall completely upstages that asset.  While we can definitely do the same on your courtyard design, Anthem property layouts like this one almost make this footprint a requirement. Why? Because having a courtyard with actual usable space makes the gate inconvenient for access from the driveway. This configuration solved everything, and did so stunningly.

The tumbled travertine pavers walk flows throughout the courtyard as flooring, directing visitors to this lovely home’s front door. Using bright colors and large textures in the front xeriscaping give this Anthem courtyard design even greater impact. Also note that none the plants chosen will obscure those gorgeous walls over time.

Ready for an innovative courtyard design, Anthem?

Yes, your front entry courtyard can double as outdoor living space, providing a quiet spot in the shade for a moment’s repose. So, if you too have one of today’s small yards, don’t hesitate to call and inquire how you can make every square foot work in your favor. We’d love to discuss the possibilities with you.

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