Project Description

Shaded Built-In Grill: Glendale, AZ

This new paver patio has some great features, but the piece d’resistance is definitely this one of a kind built-in grill. Glendale, AZ outdoor living spaces like this one allow ample room for all your entertaining and relaxation needs.

In the foreground, you get a glimpse at the once solid stucco pillars on the covered porch that was there when we arrived to start the project. We upgraded their looks by creating a pedestal look with matching natural stone veneer. Now, they blend in with the stone grill island, and the square fire pit that sits to the right of this photo three steps above the main patio area.

Since everyone gravitates to the kitchen – indoors or out- we designed this Glendale built-in grill with bar seating. It also has a sink and gives the cook ample food preparation and serving space. As with many patio grill islands, this one is also out in the open. This always leaves whoever is cooking – and anyone lounging at the bar – in total exposure to the sun. So, we created some relief with a specially designed shade structure over the grill island.

Why isn’t it bigger? This particular backyard already has a large covered porch at patio level, so a big pergola or ramada isn’t necessary. Not only does this mini ramada break the sun’s glare, with that dark wood finish it creates a unusually striking focal point out of the built-in grill. Glendale guests, like anywhere else, all gravitate to the food area naturally at some point, but this? It instantly captures everyone’s attention.

Looking for a striking built-in grill, Glendale?

You won’t go wrong working with Desert Crest. Innovation and the best materials are part of every outdoor living space we design. Like you, we insist on quality craftsmanship and long-lasting functionality. We want you to love your new grilling feature for years to come.

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