Project Description

Small Patio Outdoor Fountain: Scottsdale, AZ

Even if you’ve got a small patio, there’s still got room for a water feature. It adds a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere to this outdoor living space, at the same time it imparts some welcome humidity in the midst of the desert. The sound enriches your immediate environment in a way no other landscaping element can. And a custom design ensures it fits your available space and taste to a tee.

This Scottsdale landscaping client chose a water feature that imparts more of a waterfall effect than a trickling fountain. The size of the water outlet and the distance it falls determines how it sounds, as does the rate of the water’s flow. And with wide channels of water falling like this, you also have greater relaxing influence because it increases the amount of serotonin molecules in the air. A natural mood lifter!

Rather than trying to match another stone to the surface materials already selected, the Noche Travertine of the courtyard pavers were included in the water feature. This gives you a cleaner, less busy finish overall as the same material flows from the floor to other elements. The dark travertine combines beautifully with the rich colored Dark Sierra Stone, as does the copper waterfall channels. Lining the fountain basin with marbled blue tile adds a visually cooling note that echos the sky. Finishing the new landscaping off with a mulching stone that picks up the mid-tone in the travertine brings the design come together very nicely.

Now all the homeowner needs is a few great pots for interesting foliage and annual color to polish off their new outdoor living space. A beautiful and welcoming spot it is, too. Just what you need to come home to.

You can set multiple channel waterfalls in long, narrow outdoor fountains. Scottsdale, AZ condo owners do have plenty of room for beautiful water features on a really small patio!

Create your own oasis with an outdoor fountain, Scottsdale AZ.

As you can see, we can fit a fantastic water feature into a really small patio space. It’s a better mood lifter this close to your chair, anyway. The natural serotonin in the air from the splashing water is far easier to absorb in close proximity… unless you visit big falls, like Niagra, for instance. This three-channel waterfalls design is really popular with clients for both patios and courtyards.

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