Project Description

Solid Shade Structure: Cave Creek

A classic look for the southwestern desert region, this timber ramada is the focal point of a Cave Creek client’s backyard. It’s the spot where everyone naturally gravitates for the food, cold drinks, and relief from the sun… you could say that this is where the party starts and ends.

Richly handsome, the shade structure is built from Douglas Fir and stained dark brown to blend with the espresso barrel tile roof. An excellent combination paired with the natural stone support column pedestals. The same stone was used on the outdoor kitchen cabinet at the rear of the entertainment area. The gable ends are open allowing the breeze to flow freely between the support timber framing. The color blend chosen for the paver patio color pulls the tones of the roof, timber, and natural stone together at the base as a unified whole without overshadowing any of the separate elements.

If you’re investigating shade roof designs and materials for your backyard, here’s something anyone living around Phoenix and Scottsdale should know. Getting the greatest relief from the heat here in the desert doesn’t come just from getting out of the sun. No matter how close you put the roof slats together on a pergola or trellis ramada, it will never be as cool beneath it as it is under a clay tile roof. The reason for this is that the thick clay cladding is like adding a layer of earth overhead, and the shape of these traditionally southwest roof tiles increases it’s cooling capacity. Besides planting shade trees and waiting several decades for them to mature, this is your best solution to getting a cooler outdoor living space.

And if you’re going to add a nice big shade structure to the backyard, then it’s probably where you’ll want the grill and bar to be too. Get a closer look at the one on this patio HERE. It’s got everything you need for cooking and entertaining outdoors, including a refrigerator and kitchen sink.

Dark brown timber support posts rise from rich stone pedestals under a classic tile patio shade roof. You best choice in comfort from shade structures. Cave Creek clients now enjoy it's cooling effect over their outdoor kitchen and dining space.
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