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Stone Mosaic Fire Pit: Glendale

This Glendale fire pit design brings the naturally irregular shaping of stone to the forefront. A stone mosaic effect makes it an interesting focal point amid the precisely-cut solid fill of everything around it. Sometimes, imperfection is better, often the most striking piece in an arrangement.

One of the great things about the mild climate in the Phoenix – Scottsdale area is that masonry outdoor structures remain beautiful and functional for many years without the need for repairs. This allows us to enjoy a wider variety of construction methods for things like outdoor fire pits. Glendale landscaping and patio design can adopt so many unique looks as a result, unlike other regions with cold, wet winter where the longest lasting fire pits are always made of pavers.

We designed and installed everything in this client’s new outdoor living space. The unique, somewhat rustic looking fire pit incorporates the same stone used on the built-in gas grill’s counter and seat wall. Dark mortar in the mosaic helps unify the fire pit with the dark patio pavers. It’s a striking contrast that  makes the wood-burning fire pit a focal point.

The best Glendale fire pits need stone masonry.

All landscapers can build a paver block fire pit, but to have one with stone facing requires skilled stone masons. To remain beautiful and functional for years to come, you want quality craftsmanship. Desert Crest has skilled masons on staff to ensure best quality outdoor living elements. And as licensed General Contractor, we can also run gas lines. You’ll never run out of bottled fuel again.

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