Project Description

Stone Outdoor Fire Pits: Glendale

No doubt about it, outdoor fire pits, Glendale, add great benefits to your patio. They are super popular elements in patio design all over the Phoenix-Scottsdale area. Some might be thinking they’d prefer an outdoor fireplace, which are wonderful. However, not everyone’s Glendale landscaping budget make them feasible. Additionally, the low profile and 360 degree fireside seating space fire pits offer are factors well worth considering, particularly if you’ve one of today’s smaller backyards.

The new paver patio we installed for this Glendale client is small. An intimate outdoor seating space, but we’ve worked two in-demand features into their patio design. This lovely stone outdoor fire pit has central placement, allowing one to enjoy for any angle. Across from it in the corner sits a matching stone fountain, a waterfall wall with end pillars and a half-circle basin. You can see part of their water feature on the left side of the image above.

Quite a handsome, secluded space with the comfortable patio furniture in place. It’s just the right size for these homeowners’ family and entertaining needs, and includes some of the best outdoor living assets.

Perfect for you patio designs with outdoor fire pits, Glendale.

A patio doesn’t have to be large to give you a lovely, relaxing outdoor living space. This one might be exactly what you need. Of course, having it in your backyard is best. Those dancing flames and soothing water sounds are just a phone call away. Give us a call and we’ll get custom Glendale patio design under way.

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