Stone Pool Decks

Defining the perfect look in pool decks varies greatly from homeowner to homeowner. For casual elegance and natural beauty, we think that natural stone paving with irregular shapes is best as is seen in this finished Phoenix pool deck’s design. We tend to wind up with stone that is very light and white to gold in tone on projects around the area. This pool is strikingly different with the warm red stone paving instead.

This newer look in Phoenix pool landscaping is far more aesthetically appealing than the old mottled appearance of cool decking. Recently a survey discovered that only 15% of pools built in Arizona a couple decades ago still retain that high maintenance Cool Deck surrounding. Most of us don’t find that fact surprising, it was like having a driveway that ran around the swimming pool. It is high time that pool decks were treated like part of your outdoor living area landscaping, after all they take up a huge portion of your backyard.

To learn more about adding a natural stone pool deck to your landscaping in Phoenix or other locations in our service area, give us a call and we’ll make an appointment with you to investigate the possibilities.

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