Stone Spa Surround

This client’s backyard is limited on space but huge in assets and features. Replacing their seemingly impossible outdoor living area with a rustic, relaxing oasis wasn’t that big of a challenge for Desert Crest. Beyond the sides of this image is a cozy ramada shaded built in gas grill, seating area and outdoor fireplace along with a waterfall that recirculates pool water.

Taking advantage of the foothill coming down behind it, we created levels in this sensational outdoor living space. Here you see the stone spa surround on the level above the swimming pool that blends beautifully with the natural terrain.

Not everyone will be able to have a tall, babbling waterfall next to their spa as this client does. For that you have to sacrifice backyard space to the foothills. Their above ground spa surround’s built with face stone that matches the natural stone patio paving and the boulders used in the waterfall’s construction.

When you have a special situation like this one where overcoming the obstacles isn’t an option, working with Desert Crest, we can devise fantastic ways to work around things like a mountain and make the most of every available inch of ground you have available. We design and build spa surrounds, Paradise Valley homeowners love, along with all facets of landscaping in Paradise Valley, AZ.

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