Project Description

Stone & Travertine Outdoor Fireplace: Scottsdale

Enjoying the finer features in backyard living today includes some dancing flames, so it’s not surprising that Scottsdale landscaping often includes outdoor fireplaces. This client’s new outdoor living space holds a particularly handsome corner fireplace.

A few steps away to the right sits the swimming pool, which occupies a great deal of the backyard. It’s also not far from the new travertine paver patio where this photograph was shot from.

The fireplace hearth and seating area are also done in travertine stone, as is the flanking seat wall capping. It goes beautifully with the natural stone facing the homeowners chose, and balances this outdoor living space’s feature elements. In the opposite corner the built-in grill island is also faced with the same stone. The low pillars at the seat wall ends have limestone caps.

Once the concrete backrests on the seats has cured it will be painted to match the stone.

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