Stretching The Porch

Good flow is important in outdoor living space, and while it’s easy to think of porch, patio and pool deck as separate spaces, they really aren’t. At least not unless they are on different levels, and even then continuity is important for a variety of reasons. Its not just a porch, but a roofed portion of the patio, perhaps a shaded enclave a few steps beyond the pool. Exactly what your porch is an extension of totally depends on the layout of your particular backyard is, but it’s probably a lot more than a porch.

At this client’s home, the porch is separated from patio and pool deck only by the roof extending from the back of the house. There are no steps or stairs to descend, making it pretty typical for a home in Scottsdale or Phoenix. Pavers or stone – whatever your preference in outdoor flooring – can be different, but it breaks the space into several small spaces. No flow. No continuity. It draws invisible lines, creates imaginary walls, and enforces limitations that don’t exist. Leaving you feeling penned in and creating a cramped feeling when it’s really not necessary and unwelcome.

Here we have a nice porch made great by using the same pavers on it’s floor as we did for the pool deck and inclusive patio. The result is that the backyard and outdoor living space looks and feels a lot more spacious than it is.  In a sense this is stretching the porch, amplifying it to proportions it never had before. At the same time, this expands the backyard, the outdoor living space, and pool deck visually. For most homeowners this perceived enlargement is a huge bonus given the smaller size of today’s residential lot. It’s also a concrete enlargement when an ample paved area encompasses all three spaces as one. You’ve got more room for living, a larger place for entertaining.

This particular porch floor – pool deck – patio is done in travertine pavers. An outdoor flooring material capable of assuming personalities from casual to formal, and rustic to contemporary. It’s gorgeous and refined, but it can easily assume a relaxed and down to earth flavor. It all depends on the surroundings, architecture, and outdoor furniture you choose to team up with it.

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