Stucco Masonry Walls

Not all homeowners prefer the look of total privacy walls for their entry courtyard. Here’s an excellent example of our work and craftsmanship in a semi-private courtyard masonry walls. Scottsdale homeowners are delighted to find that rather than always using the standard straight walled square design, Desert Crest looks for the outline that will make your home highly unique. What’s more, we also can renovate your Scottsdale landscaping to fit this new addition to the exterior of your home.

Deciding whether you want courtyard walls that offer complete seclusion or semi-privacy can be guided by several factors. No two situations are alike, so every project we do is different. The cost of the total addition to your Scottsdale landscaping is many times a large part of the design choice. Other clients decide that having tall masonry walls will cover up too much of the existing front of the house or windows. The available space and size of courtyard it allows can also influence both the shape and height of these exterior walls.

For an experienced Scottsdale masonry contractor to put this addition to your home and landscaping at its best in looks and construction quality, don’t hesitate to call Desert Crest. We can competently handle any masonry project from very simple to highly complex.

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